56HUNDRED for those with a big dream

There’s a new collection of bright, lively and very smooth-drinking wines bursting with fruit flavour, launched under the 56HUNDRED label by Nederburg.

Starting with a 2012 Chenin Blanc and a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, the lightly wooded wines take their name from the price of 5 600 guilders paid in 1791 by Philippus Wolvaart for the farm he was to call Nederburg.

The name is not just to commemorate a purchase price though, according to Nederburg cellar master, Razvan Macici. “We also commemorate the man himself. With these appealingly juicy, soft-textured wines, we are celebrating passion, time and 5600 guilders. When Wolvaart bought the farm, times were tough at the Cape. His hard work, indomitable and never-say-die spirit let him dream big and overcome the seemingly impossible. He inspires us to take the first bold step and enjoy life to the full.”

The 56HUNDRED wines are available nationwide. The Chenin blanc sells for around R35 and the Cabernet Sauvignon for around R45.

More 56HUNDRED wines will follow from next vintage.