6 Amazing Salmon Dishes From Around the World

To so many hungry diners, the salmon is the king of the sea.

Salmon is a very versatile fish, and it’s also one of the more robust, flavorful common sea catches. Plus, its unique texture makes it a go-to for chefs and home cooks around the world.

In various regions and countries, culinary traditions influence the ways local salmon fanciers prepare salmon. Many recipes showcase the time-honoured flavors, ingredients, and age-old ways of food preparation common to a particular region. Each is delicious in its own special way, and comparing recipes shows you the variety of flavors you can achieve with this tasty, popular fish.

Here are some of the great wild salmon recipes you’ll see presented in different parts of the world. 

Vietnamese Salmon and Spring Rolls

In Vietnamese and Thai cooking, chefs often pair baked salmon with herbs like mint or Thai basil. Vietnamese cooking also includes carrot and radish pickles along with rice paper or rice noodles. Some other Asian salmon dishes favor soy sauce and lemon juice.

One popular regional preparation for salmon is wrapping the fish in a rice paper wrapping, similar to fresh spring rolls to be enjoyed cold. However, Thai cooks and others from the region may also add salmon as a protein of choice to noodle or rice dishes. Along with traditional herbs, vegetables, and a regional type of sauce, the salmon simmers in flavor. It’s something that will definitely make your mouth water, and it is popular in contemporary restaurant cooking wherever those regional cuisines are on display.

Mexican Baked Salmon

In Mexican cooking, cooks will often pair baked salmon with various salad ingredients like lettuce, tomato, or a bean and corn salad. It’s not usually paired with refried beans and rice as beef or chicken might be, but you never know. Dig deep enough, and you’ll find fish used in tacos with herbs and pico de gallo, but you won’t likely find salmon tacos topped with cheese.

Traditionally, cumin is a popular herb to coat the salmon, and Mexican cooking makes use of lime juice as well for bold flavor. Hot cayenne pepper or some other pepper varieties along with cilantro are popular in this type of cuisine. You may see the salmon incarnated as Mexican street food, in a traditional platter dish, or wrapped up in a burrito or enchilada.

German Crumbed Salmon

Many of the top German recipes involve coating the salmon fillet with mustard and other natural flavor garnishes, and using breadcrumbs to achieve a kind of crunchy topped texture. Recipes like ‘German smoked salmon and dill’ and ‘parmesan and herb-crusted salmon’ are symbolic of delicious German culinary fare. Served with a hearty potato pancake or potato salad as a side, they will satisfy your appetite for some authentic German cuisine.

British Yoghurt-Marinated Salmon

Many British chefs have been using ingredients like soy, miso and ginger to cook salmon recipes. One classically British recipe suggests the use of yogurt dressing with the salmon. This mirrors an emerging British cooking style where dry spices are mixed with yogurt in order to complement the natural taste of the protein, in this case, the fish. With the yogurt dish, be careful of the heat, as heat can cause the yogurt to separate.

American Salmon with Bacon and Cheese

A popular American-style salmon recipe involves coating the salmon with a honey bourbon sauce using some type of American-made liquor to help provide flavor. Americans also love to include bacon in their cooking with chicken and bacon clubs, and bacon mayonnaise. The beautiful marriage of salmon and bacon is a staple in many American kitchens with recipes including ‘maple bacon salmon’ and ‘bacon-wrapped salmon’ becoming increasingly popular. American cooking is, however, the cultural technique that would be most likely to put cheddar cheese on the salmon. Another contemporary American tradition is to cook the salmon with Brussels sprouts where the whole combination gets a dressing of mustard, shallots, vinegar, or some combination, perhaps with a bit of Worcestershire sauce drizzled in.

Italian Butter Salmon

The Italians also have their traditional culinary traditions and spices with natural ingredients to complement salmon or other seafood (mange!). You’re more likely to see parsley featured in Italian salmon recipes, for instance. Check out a Tuscan butter salmon using Parmesan, cream pepper and tomato along with other ingredients for a delicious result! Other Italian recipes may make use of a cream sauce or a rose, though it’s rare to see salmon with marinara.

No matter where you come from around the world, you’re likely to find a good culinary use for a nice fresh filet of wild-caught salmon. Use appropriate cooking techniques to ensure you keep the natural juices of the fish and give your wild-caught salmon a smooth, succulent texture. When you need the best wild salmon recipes and tips for buying fresh fish, keep an eye out here as we chronicle some of the most popular “cuisine de la mère” and show off how chefs like to cook this king of all fish!