6 things every coffee drinker should have

Besides breathing and sleeping, there are few things I do with as much regularity as my morning cup of coffee. Before my first cup of Joe in the morning, I am walking through the day like a zombie, and I feel pretty confident in saying I’m not alone in this.

I do my best to make my morning mug at home when I can, but most days I’m scrambling for a train, and then scrambling through sidewalks with only time for a quick moment of reprieve at my morning food cart. It is not the ideal coffee scenario, but it gets the job done for me.

There are better ways to start your morning with a cup of coffee all your own, but since my daily routine is a bit chaotic, we decided to call in an expert. I recently spoke with Paul Toscano, connoisseur of all things coffee and chief marketing officer of Joyride Coffee, a company that specializes in cold brew kegs. I asked him to take me through some items he thinks avid coffee drinkers might be missing in their cupboards.

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