6 Ways to Eat Healthy at the Office

It is no secret that working in an office setting can be dangerous to a person’s diet. Not only do office jobs typically involve sitting at a desk or in a cubicle for extended periods of time, limiting the amount of physical activity one gets in a typical day, but easy break room access and office vending machines often make it difficult to eat healthy. And while taking an office job typically results in a person gaining five to ten pounds within their first year on the job, the truth is that this can be avoided. There are plenty of ways to go about eating healthy in the office and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Pack a Lunch. Perhaps the easiest way to control one’s diet while working in an office setting is to make it a habit to pack a healthy lunch from home every day of the week. Since most office break rooms have their own refrigerators for use by employees, it is easy to bring a lunch and leave it in the fridge until lunch time. Not only is this healthier than going out for a fattening lunch on a regular basis, but it also saves time and money.

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