7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

These holidays, a good cocktail will certainly come in handy these holidays when you need to let your hair down. After a long year of study and taking a well-deserved break, you can enjoy the festive season with your friends and family and enjoy great cocktails. 

The beauty of cocktails is that you can easily create on your own. Cocktails are also a great way to get the party if you are hosting a few guests without breaking the bank. We have compiled a list of sweet, bitter, warm and cold best college party drinks and cocktails to add fun to this season’s festive spirit. 

1. A super festive mix

christmas cocktail 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

Known as the Merry Christmas Cocktail, this cocktail is a refreshing and tantalizing mix of gin, cranberry juice, and sparkling water. This cocktail can also be served as a mocktail for non-drinkers and is the perfect party starter. 

2. A surprise from Santa

 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

The Santa Whiskey Flip Cocktail is a simple yet divine cocktail and is a bourbon infusion with amaretto, egg, and cream to create a decadent holiday cocktail. You might find yourself dipping into one too many of these because of the special cinnamon twist. 

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3. Something spicy 

 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

There are many local favourite drinks but tequila always stands out in popular cocktails and you can mix it up in a cocktail known as the Spiced Silver Bell. The cocktail features a pairing with cranberry spiced syrup and ginger beer creating a snappy taste and bubbles!

4. Not just any ol’ margarita!

 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

You can never go wrong with luxurious margarita featuring a delightful mix of tequila, lime, and orange liqueur. For a holiday twist, you can add coconut milk and white cranberry juice. The flavors add spice and decadence to this White Christmas Margarita. 

5. Something for Dr. Suess fans

 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

Christmas is ironically not as exciting with the presence of The Grinch! Conquer the holiday season by mixing up Midori sour, lime juice and cherries. The greenish color is for the Grinch and the red represents the spirit of Christmas, of course. 

6. A drink from Moscow

christmas mule cocktail recipe 4149594 hero 01 5c4a3c36c9e77c0001800bbb 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

The Christmas Mule, a traditional Russian drink, is an infusion of vodka and hot ginger beer. If you wish, you can add whole cinnamon to the mix. The heat of this drink will surely warm your guests up, as it is a comforting drink perfect for those cold winter nights.

7. A dream come true

white christmas dream cocktail recipe 761214 hero 01 5c560a77c9e77c00016b35dd 7 Best Cocktails For A Festive Student Party

Known as the White Christmas Dream, this cocktail infused vodka, amaretto cream, and nutmeg. A perfect alternative to traditional eggnog. It is ideal to serve as a dessert after those big dinners and can be served to spice things up on a night in. 

Balance is everything

As with any drink or meal, balance is important in mixing up the perfect cocktail that will add flavor to any occasion you decide to host in the holiday season. The ultimate cocktail should not be out of balance, so when mixing your ingredients, you need to ensure that your cocktail is balanced in acidity, bitterness, sweetness and alcohol levels. 

Even if you are no mixologist, you can gain a good idea of how balanced your cocktail is by tasting it a few times and ensuring that you follow the quantities required for a recipe. 

Key Ingredients 

Cocktails usually feature a sherry, tinctures, bitters, and amaro. Sherry is a type of wine that almost fits into any type of drink from salty to sweet. It has a nutty flavor and is usually used as a seasoning agent. A tincture is a result of an ingredient soaking in alcohol like cinnamon in whiskey and it can be done with rum, vodka, gin, and everclear. 

Tinctures give cocktails an exceptional taste that is unique. Bitters and amaro are quite similar and comprise of a blend of tinctures that create a floral flavoring. These elements infused together, create a range of drinks that are sure to make the holiday bells ring!


Cocktails are a fun way to explore what you can event and create in your kitchen, and you can take suggestions from friends too. Remember, when partying and sipping those cocktails, to not drink and drive. 

You should also consider guests’ dietary requirements and supply a few options by varying the recipes or choosing two or three to work with for a night. Options are great because they make people feel welcomed and keen to join the party.

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