7 Interesting Variants Of Mojitos You Can Make At Home

The best summer cooler, Mojitos are loved worldwide for their refreshing taste.

Looking at a perfect mojito cocktail reminds us of only one thing and that is a vacation. And rightly so, it is said that a pirate called Sir Francis Drake from Cuba, curated this drink for his crew’s malnutrition; a condition faced by a lot of people living in the coastal area.

That is where it got famous and the reason behind a mojito’s tropical condiments can be because of this origin story. Whatever the reason may be, we now have a drink that is so hard to miss out on, we also have non-alcoholic or virgin versions of the same.

If you have been having the good old kind of mojito all your life with a leaf of mint, it is time for you to shake things up a little and try these 7 different ways in which you can prepare delicious and tempting mojitos.

Black Currant Mojito

To make not just a delicious but also beautiful looking mojito, gather some blackberries and get to work. Crush and add 3-4 blackberries in a glass and add some crushed ice. Now add any transparent liquor of your choice, we’d put some white rum. Give it a good mix and top with some club soda.

Coconut Mojito

While we are at getting the coastal vibe, why not all the way in? Go ahead and add some coconut water to your mojito and you will never look back. Add crushed ice to your glass along with 2 tbsp of lime juice, mint and 2 tsp of simple syrup. Give it a good mix and add your rum with coconut water and club soda.

Passion Fruit Mojito

This depends on where you live. If you get passion fruit in your area, you are in for one of the most delicious mojitos you have ever had. The slimy deliciousness of passion fruit combined with the sharp, fresh taste of the mojito as a whole brings out a taste that is not common. Just add your passion fruit in your shaker and add some crushed ice, lemon juice and 1 tsp of sugar. Give this a good shake and add your drink to it. Shake again and add to your glass and top it with some soda.

Cucumber and Watermelon Mojito

Talk about freshness and you get all of it fitted in a glass. Cucumber and watermelon mojito is something all of us can fall instantly for. The freshness of both combined with the goodness of a cocktail, there is no better combination we see coming. You will need to take out seeds from cucumber and watermelon and chop them into small pieces. Now add the cucumber and watermelon to your glass and add some crushed ice. To increase the freshness, add some slightly crushed mint with 1 tsp of crushed sugar or sugar syrup and give it a good mix. Top it with some lemon juice plus ginger ale and you are good to go!

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