7 Most Popular Cocktails Among Casino Players

Casinos are associated with chic halls, expensive outfits, and relaxing music. An expensively and stylishly dressed couple immediately appears to the imagination, where a man sits down at a gambling table, and a woman, drinking a fashionable cocktail, awaits the outcome of the game and supports her companion. We present to your attention the top 7 cocktails in demand among visitors to casinos.

7 and 7

The popularity of this cocktail is due to the lucky sevens in its name. This drink most often is ordered at card games, which can also be tried at the Zodiac Casino Log. A 40% cocktail is brought in tall glasses with plenty of ice and a small piece of lime.

Bloody Mary

It is most often mentioned in various films, and every party-goer has tried at least once to make it on his own. Traditionally, vodka serves as the basis for Bloody Mary, but gin or tequila can also be used if the client wishes. It is poured into tall glasses, decorated with a sprig of fresh herbs on top. If you are a fan of poker or other card games, this drink is for you.

Irish Coffee

Coffee with alcohol, whipped cream and cherry is served in beautiful tall glasses and can cheer up even the most sleepy poker player or a person who spent too much time by slot machines. The dose of alcohol in it varies from forty to sixty per cent. The drink is named because of its geographical origin. It was offered as a traditional treat to frozen travelers in Ireland.

James Bond

This cocktail appeared in the legendary film series about agent 007. It includes vodka, gin, and any sort of vermouth. The drink is served in martini glasses with a slice of lemon. It is loved by casino customers who relax in the relaxation area. It soothes and refreshes, after which you can return to the game with renewed vigour.

Double Old Fashioned

A legendary cocktail served in special “old fashion” glasses with ice cubes and cherries. It is considered an exclusively male drink, although lately, ladies have also fallen in love with it. It turns out strong and invigorating. Great for playing poker.


It is most in-demand during the hot season since mint and a large amount of ice with which a cocktail is served can perfectly refresh. The serving of the cocktail has not changed since its inception: a tall glass, ice, lime and lemon slices and fresh mint sprigs.

Gin and Tonic

The most classic option on our list. You need to drink it measuredly, in small sips, so it is perfect for card tables. Helps to relax and relieve stress. Gin and tonic are poured into low glasses with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Gambling enthusiasts have many favourite drinks. Each of these cocktails can also be made at home if you prefer to play at an online casino.