8 Practical And Eco-Friendly Gifts For Coffee Lovers

If you want to buy a gift for a coffee lover trying to live sustainably, you may think your options are limited. But fortunately, this is not true. Many brands in the coffee industry or other related industries have developed eco-conscious strategies or offer sustainable alternatives to popular products. With a bit of research, you can shop responsibly and find products that align with ecological standards.  

Here is our list of practical and eco-friendly gift ideas that will help you surprise the coffee lover in your life. 

1. Organic Coffee 

Coffee quality suffers drastically due to mass production. The massive request for coffee has drastically changed the cultivation process, leading to a high reliance on pesticides and agricultural chemicals. So, one of the best gifts you can offer to a coffee lover is organic, ethically sourced coffee. You can find fair trade certified organic coffee from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Just check the label before purchasing. A product labeled ‘organic’ must comply with rigid standards. That means organic coffee is grown without synthetic substances such as fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. And it tastes better. 

2. Brew Bottle 

The problem with coffee is not just how it’s sourced, but also how much waste is generated in the process of consuming it. Plastic cups and coffee filters cause a lot of environmental damage, and coffee shop culture encourages people to accept single-use cups due to their portability. With this in mind, one of the most practical and eco-friendly gifts you can offer a coffee lover is a brew bottle.  Brewing coffee in this portable glass recipient is easy and convenient. Moreover, the bottle is travel-friendly, and it keeps the coffee hot. The coffee lover in your life will be able to get their daily dose of caffeine without relying on coffee shops and single-use plastic cups. 

3. French Press 

A French Press is an eco-friendly coffee maker so it can be an excellent gift choice. You can find a French press made from recyclable materials such as glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. But what makes a French press so eco-friendly is that it doesn’t require disposable filters, and it’s a mechanical device, so it doesn’t need electricity to work. Your coffee-loving friend will also appreciate that the French press is portable, so they can add it to their luggage when traveling. It’s also easy to use and clean. 

4. Arabica Coffee Bean Plant 

Any coffee lover would love to have a beautiful coffee plant at home. So, if you want to offer a coffee lover an original, eco-friendly gift that will be highly treasured, stop looking further. A small Arabica coffee plant is a wonderful gift that will bring a lot of joy to the person you intend it for. Although it’s difficult to grow coffee indoors, your coffee-loving friend will be able to harvest at least a few handfuls of beans. Thus, this gift can also be practical. Plus, it can be interesting to see coffee beans growing in a pot at home. 

5. Coffee-scented Candles 

Everyone loves the smell of fresh coffee, so a good way to surprise a coffee lover is to offer them the chance to enjoy this beloved scent. Although many products replicate the scent of freshly-roasted coffee, a coffee-scented candle is a gift idea worthy of consideration because it can also be practical. It can change the ambiance in a room or bring light to a cozy dinner. And pure soy wax candles are non-toxic, vegan, and eco-friendly. 

6. Thermal Travel Mug 

A thermal travel mug can be a wonderful gift for a coffee lover. It will allow your friend to avoid plastic cups when buying coffee on the go. It’s perfect for road trips, daily commutes, hiking trips, or a nice morning in the park. Find thermal travel mugs made from sustainable or recycled materials and choose a design that your coffee-loving friend will love. Pay attention to size too. Large mugs are more practical than small ones. Thermal travel mugs are usually portable and durable. They can keep the coffee hot for a long time, especially if they’re insulated. 

7. Coffee Subscription 

A coffee subscription is a service that coffee lovers have waited for a long time, and it’s finally available in many places. A coffee subscription gives people the chance to receive a lovely package of fresh organic coffee regularly. You can set up a subscription for your coffee-loving friend for any duration you choose and then decide the amount of coffee and the delivery frequency. Most people would consider a coffee subscription a highly original and practical gift. Check to see if you can find such a service that covers the area where your friend lives. 

8. Moka Espresso Maker 

A Moka stovetop pot is a little espresso maker wildly popular in Italy and all over Europe. It’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to make a delicious espresso because it doesn’t require disposable paper filters, plastic pods, or electricity to operate.  This tiny pot is easy to use, sturdy, and easy to clean. Invented by an Italian engineer named Bialetti, it rapidly became a staple of Italian coffee culture. Every Italian family has one of these at home. If you want to give a practical gift to a coffee lover, the Moka pot is an excellent choice. With one of these in the kitchen, it’s easy to try various creative coffee drinks

Buying gifts for coffee lovers can be relatively easy. But when you also want your gift to be eco-friendly, things get a bit trickier. Many coffee brands found in the average store do not adhere to fair trade standards. Non-organic coffee is probably filled with harmful chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, coffee consumption creates ecological issues due to the prevalent use of plastic cups or disposable filters. Thankfully, even considering all these issues, people can still find eco-friendly ways to enjoy their coffee. Use our list of practical and eco-friendly gifts for coffee lovers for inspiration. It will help you buy things that are good both for the person you have in mind and for the planet.