8 Things You Can Do With Pimm’s Apart From Drinking It

The recipe of Pimm’s No.1 Cup is known to only six people and its flavour profile is as hard to pinpoint as it is to describe. It might surprise you that there are actually other ways to enjoy the very British summer drink of choice, and they’re all as equally yummy as each other.

1. Pimm’s Cake 

This boozy, fruit-topped cake is made from layers of ginger sponge and strawberry and Pimm’s jam, topped with strawberry, cucumber and Pimm’s icing. Check out the recipe on the awesome baking blog Raspberri Cupcakes.

2. Pimm’s Summer Pudding

This recipe by chef and food blogger Dominic Franks is a wonderfully British combination of berries, bread and booze. What more do you need from a dessert?

3. Pimm’s Strawberry Jelly Jars

Less intense than Tequila shot doughnuts, these Pimm’s jelly jars look really fancy when set with orange and lemon juice along with fresh strawberries for a delicious, refreshing chilled dessert that’s made for summer nights. 

4. Pimm’s cocktail truffles

Chocolate ganache and Pimm’s?! Now you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of such a magical combination before, right? Chocolatier Paul A Young created this recipe using fruity Caribbean dark chocolate, sugar, cucumber, strawberries, mint and of course Pimm’s. We’ll be (attempting) to make these immediately.

5. Pimm’s Popsicles

Just close your eyes and think of the lovely Andy Murray winning Wimbledon while you suck on one of these homemade PIMM’s Popsicles. These Pimm’s lollies are the perfect mix of fruity freshness laced with a good glug of alcohol. They look amazing served in a bucket of ice and will help you cool down in style as that sun shines down on the garden.

6. Pimm’s and Strawberry Tart

A fruity strawberry tart spiked with Pimm’s and topped off with a fancy Pimm’s foam. Serve it with herbal tea at your next summer affair. This booze-infused tart looks as good as it tastes.

7. Pimm’s Mint Cookies

Bake something for your empty cookie jar and make a batch of golden cookies laced with a little Pimms and flavoured with fresh mint leaves. These Pimm’s mint cookies are a perfect option for an alfresco afternoon tea on a sunny day. You only need a drizzle of the gin-based drink to give these biscuits a kick of flavour. They are absolutely brilliant served alongside some strawberries – just like the drink itself.

8. Pimm’s Pavlovas

An easy make-ahead dessert idea with meringues and a Pimm’s-infused cream. These delicate mini strawberries and Pimm’s meringues are a perfect summer dessert, especially good for alfresco dining in the sun. Serve it with a jug of Pimm’s, obviously!