8 Ways To Boost Traffic And Leads For Your Personal Blog

Building an audience is a task and it doesn’t just happen overnight. Anyone who has ever hosted a blog on their business website or a personal has experienced the frustration in driving traffic to their site. Blogging can have a deep impact on your website if it optimized properly with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your blogs are the main source of attraction as it attracts online visitors, builds social media audience and helps in increasing search engine ranking. If you are new to blogging, MangoMatter specialises in creating clean and elegant WordPress based websites that focus on turning those browsers into buyers!

Increasing traffic is essential for a successful website to garner more leads and boost revenue. But you need to understand that not all traffic is good for you. You need to strategically target the right audience that is in need of your product or service. There are several tactics that you can apply in order to boost your personal blog. 

8 Ways to Boost your Personal Blog 

Know your Niche

If your content doesn’t follow a clear theme, it can be confusing to your online visitors.  First decide who your target audience is, what they want to read and what specific messages you want to convey. Once you know your target audience, you can create content to meet their need to increase conversions on your site. 

Be consistent 

One of the things that people take lightly is the amount of content going up on your blog. It has been shown that the more often you update your blog with relevant content, the more traffic you will receive. When you make a schedule, it is important that you stick to it so that you always have fresh content on your blog. 

Relevant Keywords

Keywords help your business to reach out to the right audience who are searching for the product or service that you offer. Google AdWords is an excellent tool that can help you find the right keywords. Once you have a list of relevant keywords, you can optimize your website by ensuring that page has at least one keyword. So for each blog post you write, choose one key phrase that you believe readers would use to find that post. Keyword concentration helps Google understand what that page is about, which can ultimately lead to more traffic from the search engines.

Attractive Headlines

Just uploading high quality isn’t enough, your titles of your blog is important as well. Your titles will decide whether a potential ready will click your post or not. By optimizing your titles by making them enticing and attractive, you headline can generate interest to your reader. This step will make your content shareable and help you rank higher in search engines by driving in more traffic. 

Use Images

Good quality images are great for your blog to receive traffic. They usually show up whenever someone shares your post on social media. It also helps the reader understand what you are writing about as it helps simplify matters. You can even optimize your images with alt text which will help increase your visibility on search engines. And finally, good images help to make your content look authoritative which is appealing to people who come across it. 

Shares and Links

Even though it will not affect your overall search engine rank but it will help build your business and gain popularity. Linking your website is essential whether you have a product to sell or a blog as a content marketing strategy. More engagement means more visitors which leads to more conversions. Second, the more visitors, the more people share your links and posts which creates awareness of your brand, and your business gains popularity.

Use Social Media

You can use your social media channels to promote your blog. The same way, you can link your social channels to your blog posts which helps you in reaching out to a wider audience. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest can become some of your top traffic sources if you share relevant and informative content on your blogs.

Encourage Social Sharing

By adding social sharing button at the top and bottom of your page, you encourage readers to share your post. Once they keep sharing your content, there should be an increase in traffic to your posts. It also sends positive signal to search engines which indicates the quality and popularity of your post. 


These are just some of the tactics that you can implement to drive more traffic and leads to your blog. Find the right tactic that best fits your blog and that will provide the most relevant results.