80 Lashes For Drinking Wine

The full horror of ‘crime and punishment’ under the Islamic State is laid bare in a document which sets out a list of harsh penalties for anyone who falls foul of the terror group’s strict interpretation of its own laws.

Top of the list is ‘death’ for anyone who insults God or his messenger or blasphemes against Islam.
Adulterers who engage in a sexual relationship are to be stoned to death, while couples who have an affair without sexual contact can expect the more lenient punishment of 100 lashes and ‘banishment’ from the community.

Those guilty of ‘highway robbery’ face crucifixion and offences such as drinking wine or ‘calumny’, making slanderous comments, each attract the punishment of 80 lashes.

Homosexuality is also to be punished by ‘death for the penetrator and the receiver’ while thieves will have their hands severed from their arms.

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