9 Cocktails Based on Sparkling Wine

The modern world has already stepped forward and outside the classic vision of a bar menu. Many bars can surprise you with new unusual interpretations of well-known cocktails. For example, prosecco, champagne, cava and other “sparkling varieties” are at the heart of all cocktails.  The cocktail menu is full of unusual combinations (prosecco and spinach, champagne and angostura, Riesling and raspberry jam). The witty names will help you choose the right one: “total happiness”, “one fine day”, “main reasons to marry a Russian girl”, “well it happens”, “bad luck”. In general, no stamps and one hundred percent hit on the mood!

The best thing you can come up with is to find one of the bars where you can taste such unusual drinks on a nice summer day and choose your favorites. Here are some examples of what you should definitely try.

Prosecco / Aperol / Lemon Sorbet

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A traditional Venetian aperitif, which was invented, however, by the Austrian military. The most popular summer cocktail acquires here a new sound: a spicy scoop of lemon sorbet elegantly emphasizes the citrus tone of the drink.

Sparkling Riesling / Scotch / Banana

Incredibly fresh, thin and pure taste: the feeling is if you drink rainwater!

Riesling is one of the greatest white wines in the world. There is a great variety of Riesling styles. Only in Germany, the homeland of Riesling, there is a whole constellation of them! Riesling from the Moselle valley is famous for its delicate fruit notes, primarily green apple, and citrus. Everything is in one glass, decorated, for example, with a juicy banana leaf.

Prosecco / Tequila / Sweet Whipped Cream / Almond

Any epithets will be superfluous here: it’s just very tasty! Ideal cocktail with an ideal texture. It’s the best variant for a sweet tooth. It feels like if you’re drinking a cloud of custard. And let the tequila do not scare you, it is very useful here: the blue agave conceals excessive sweetness and gives the drink a little insolence.

Pink Cava / Tequila / Smoked Salt

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It is an option for those who are braver and interesting in the alternative to the world-famous Margarita.

Prosecco / Gin  / Marshmallow

Prosecco Gin Raspberry Marshmallow 9 Cocktails Based on Sparkling Wine

This cocktail is pure, bright, and a little bit stronger than it seems at first glance. Probably, that’s why a piece of sweet marshmallow is given with it. It is perfect for the party: lightness and energy are ensured.

Prosecco / Rum / Basil

Prosecco Rum Basil 9 Cocktails Based on Sparkling Wine

You cannot immediately understand that there is some alcohol in this cocktail. Really curious! Most of all, it resembles a useful vegetable fresh: basil not only decorates the glass, but it’s all inside!

Prosecco / Sea Buckthorn / Ginger / Rosemary

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Vitamin charge and ideally selected ingredients make the basis of this cocktail. The sweetness and light bitterness of the sea-buckthorn are gently emphasized by the spicy notes of ginger, and the rosemary (do not worry, it only gently attaches to the glass) is very useful here: the aroma of the cocktail becomes deep and noble. It can be tasted like wine – it has an absolute balance, a velvety texture, and a subtle, amazing aroma.

Champagne / Cream de Cassis / Coffee Beans

Neoclassicism: it seems that everyone is familiar with Kir Royal, but it sounds completely new thanks to coffee beans. Refreshing and spicy it will become a wonderful aperitif.

By the way, Kir, a cocktail of white dry wine and blackcurrant liqueur, was born in Burgundy and (except for outstanding white and red wines) is a local specialty.

Prosecco / Pimm’s / Cucumber

 9 Cocktails Based on Sparkling Wine

Many people have tried this traditional English punch but not in this performance! Lemonade will be replaced with Prosecco and added to the liqueur and cucumber.