9 Face Masks For Wine Lovers And Where To Find Them

As face masks have become a necessary part of the safety routine when leaving home during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them.

Just because everyone’s forced to wear face masks, this doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice on the style and personality department.

Everywhere you look today, face masks are selling like hotcakes. Because of that many businesses and designers have stood up to the challenge of creating these protective gears. Since there are so many different styles and prints for you to choose from, there’s certainly one that fits your personality.

We’ve searched the internet and found these quirky face masks for wine enthusiasts. Enjoy browsing through below.

Wine Themed Face Masks

Available in various wine-inspired prints, these two-layer cotton face masks are made to order and available on Esty. If you wish to make your own, you can! All you’ve got to do is source the right fabric from your trusted cloth and fabric or crafts store. If you have some sewing skills, you can even make these by yourself. In doing so, it’ll surely suit the size and shape of your head.

“Wine Please” Face Mask

They say actions speak louder than words. Find out who your true friends are when you wear this quirky “wine please” handmade face mask, available in black, blue, grey and red.

When restaurants start to open for dine-in again, your trusted bartender will also know immediately what to serve you, once you see each other again. In the workplace, this can also add an element of humor and fun.

While you’re at it, visit wineregionsaustralia.com.au for a wide selection of possible wines that you may want to try once this pandemic starts to slow down.

Wine Glass Face Mask

This wine glass printed mask is made from 100% cotton and features adjustable straps, wired nose bridge, soft cushioned nose interior and can easily fit most face sizes.

“All Day Long” Red Wine Face Mask

The pocket filter option on the reusable face mask allows a lot of airflow while also capturing a high percentage of the virus’s particles. This is not a substitute for a medical-grade mask but simply something to give you a little extra protection and you have the option to insert a filter if desired.

“Wine Not?” Face Mask

The front is made with black cotton and the wine glass is made with gold glitter vinyl. The back of this fancy AF face mask is made with cotton fabric with metallic gold polka dots. As posh as this mask is, there are also different wine options that you may want to try out soon, along with the perfect dish that goes with it.

“Need More Wine” Face Mask

This funky face mask can be used as a face covering, headband, bandana, wristband, balaclava, and neck warmer. 

Novinophobia Wine Mask

Are you fearing that you might run out of wine? Then this “Fear of Running Out Of Wine” face mask is made for you!

Sip Happens Face Mask

For the wine lovers out there, who know that “Sip Happens” sometimes and a glass a wine will help get you through the day. Show your friends and family you know how to have a good time at your next party.

Wine Sipper Face Mask

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Unfortunately, this face mask is currently unavailable and probably sold out.


As the world continues to thrive amidst the pandemic, changes will also have to be in place, especially when people begin to navigate through the “new normal.” 

Businesses will soon open, and classes will resume. But, this doesn’t mean that everyone can go on moving as they all have gotten used to. A part of this new normal means compliance with certain requirements, such as the wearing of face shields and face masks. Thankfully, businesses have stood up to the challenge of creating masks for everyone. 

There are so many options for you now, depending on your preference. For wine lovers, these enumerated above are only a few. If you can’t find a place that sell these, have your trusted seamstress (or yourself) make one for you!