9 Fun Activities To Do With Your Wine-Loving Friend

With the right company, most activities can become overly memorable with wine. You’re living your best life rather than just attempting to discover what wine tastes like. 

Here you will come across some top recommended fun activities with your wine-loving partner. Just to bear in mind, you are not limited to the below-mentioned activities. Make up your own activity and enjoy some quality time with your friend!

1. Blind Tasting Party

Wine tastings are a fantastic way to discover new wines and share your knowledge of the many diverse flavors with your friend. And if it’s a blind wine tasting party, things can get a bit quirky. This is a fine way to pass time with your partner or friend.

You can even host a wine party with all your friends. It can be fun, educational, and social.

2. Gamble Away!


We all know how fun it is to have a drink while betting with your friends.

There is nothing better than drinking wine with your friend while playing your favorite casino game. 

While gambling at casinos, you can also check out their wine bar for various drink options available and have a splendid time together.

3. Build a DIY Wine Cellar

A perfect wine cellar can be a good conversation piece. If your partner or friend is a wine enthusiast, then building a wine cellar is all about maximizing the aging potential of their wines.

While it may seem hard at first, the hardest part is often getting started. With minimal effort, you can build your own DIY Wine Cellar with your friend. Once completed, it can be used to entertain guests and show off your wine collection.

4. Movie Night

Wine and movies pair really well. Grab a few bottles of wine and get cozy with your BFF for a long movie night. A good romantic movie with the right glass of wine and the right partner can lead to tears running and heart-soaring moments to cherish forever.

Cocooned in a blanket with your friend with a bowl of popcorn, and dimmed-out lights, you cannot imagine a better setup. I mean, what could probably go wrong there?

5. Wine Games

If you’re looking to add some class to your next game night with your partner, we’ve got a few wine games for you.

  • Wine Ring Toss

A fun backyard game to play with your drunk friend. You know all those wine bottles you have drained together? Yes, gather them, put them in a triangle formation, and toss rubber rings from a distance. If you miss, you take a shot at your wine. That’s it!

  • House Rules

You can be really creative with this one. You announce a new rule every 30 minutes or so. It could be a freeze game, where the last person to freeze has to finish their wine. Or it could be the floor is lava!

  • Wine Word Puzzles

A puzzle game with a twist! If you’re tired of watching movies with your partner and want to do something quiet and relaxing while also stimulating your brain, word puzzles are for you.

  • Drunken Artists

A perfect game for a dinner party with your friends. They take turns to be the artist and the timer. The timer whispers a word or movie phrase to the artist. The others try to guess the word while the artist draws pictures to represent the word.

Once a word is correctly guessed, the timer stops the time and divides it among the audience. The total time in seconds is then divided by 20. This is then the number of shots to be taken by each audience member.

  • Truth or Dare

This game can be addicting when paired with wine. If your friend fails to tell the truth or perform a dare, they chug down a wine shot. Things can go crazy with this one! 

You can also play a similar True or False game, where you provide a statement, while others have to guess whether it’s true or false. For each wrong guess, your friend has to sip wine.

6. Cooking With Wine

One of the most fun wine activities with your friend could be cooking with wine. This is an excellent way to learn to cook and become acquainted with various types of wines.

You can also attend cooking classes with your partner at local wineries and sample some of the best wines used in different recipes and learn their usage in different recipes.

7. Enjoying Vistas

Wine is a perfect drink for contemplation and using all your senses. Sipping wine alone allows you to dive deeply into your thoughts.

There’s nothing like overlooking a beautiful landscape or waterfall with your friend while smelling and savoring a glass of wine. This could also be a river, balcony, or even your favorite park. 

8. Vineyard Tour

You can go for a picnic or a day trip with your friend to nearby wineries and vineyards. Local vineyards normally offer tours of their gardens, so you can see how the grapes are grown and the step-by-step procedures of how wines are made.

Not only will you taste delicious homegrown wines with your partner, but you may also get lucky enough to meet the winemakers themselves.

9. Painting and Sipping Wine

You and your friend may not be artists. But there is no stopping you from attending a paint and sip program at a winery or at home. This could be an ideal activity to unleash your drawing skills.

The more you get drunk, the worse– and funnier– your paintings get.


Who says you can’t enjoy recreational activities and drink wine at the same time? Whether it’s more about enjoying time with your wine-loving friend or just wanting to learn more about wine, the nine activities listed above are perfect for you. 

Regardless of which activity you choose, you’re sure to have fun with or without wine.