Hangover remedies from around the word

So the pattern goes: we have one too many drinks the night before, and wake up desperate for either the rewind button or a quick remedy. We’ve all been there, regardless of nationality (hangovers are a universal point of commisery). Here are nine tried and true, sometimes bizarre but effective hangover remedies from across the globe.

1. Puerto Rico: Lemon Under the Pit

The traditional Puerto Rican hangover cure is more of a preventative measure. To prevent a hangover, the Puerto Ricans will rub a slice of lemon under the armpit of their drinking arm before downing their first drinks. According to legend, this will help prevent the dehydration that causes headaches.

2. Russian Pickle Juice

We know that Russians like their vodka, so it’s fair to assume that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to hangover cures. Pickle juice has long been a favorite remedy of the Russians and it has spread globally. Pickle juice will replenish your electrolyte supply after a long night at the bars.

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