95 Year Old Golden Girls legend insists a nightly glass of VODKA is the secret to a long life

Comedian and actress Betty White will celebrate 96 years of good health – and arguably better humor – and a supposedly ‘bad’ diet of french fries, hot dogs and vodka next week.

The last several years have seen a fevered interest in health, and especially healthy diets, as the obesity epidemic claims more and more lives each year.

Betty’s favorite foods would make most nutritionists cringe, but there is evidence she’s not the only one that thinks happy eating (and drinking) might have the advantage over healthy eating (and non-alcoholic drinking).

One (stiff) drink a day keeps the doctor away 

The CDC says: Women can have one drink a day, and red wine may even be good for heart health

Betty says: Make it a vodka, on the rocks (perhaps with a lemon)

Betty has talked openly about her nightly cocktail ritual, which she often shares with her beloved golden retriever, Pontiac, as she told Harper’s Bazaar.

The Golden Girls Star admits that she will occasionally indulge in a second drink when out with friends but told Bon Appetit: ‘I don’t really like to feel it.’

Drinking moderately, as Betty does, has been frequently linked to lower risks of heart and circulatory system diseases and may help fend of type 2 diabetes and gall bladder stones.

Red wine is often cited as the best drink for lowering health risks, but Betty’s drink of choice has its benefits too.

While evidence that there is much difference in the health benefits of different alcoholic drinks is shaky, vodka has no carbohydrates, making it a healthier fit for Betty, who keeps a trim figure.

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