Sweetheart’s Smoothie Wine Cocktail Recipe

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For some, romance lies in grand gestures, extravagant gifts and passionate declarations. For others, it is the everyday small things they do to make their loved one smile. For some, romance does not come naturally. These unromantic souls resort to corny cards and overpriced chocolates and their attempts feel forced and nothing about the process is smooth and seductive.


How To Make A Peartini Wine Cocktail

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For those of us who do not limit elegance and flair to the festive season, the Peartini wine cocktail is just the thing! It will kick start your party, charm your guests and establish you as the ever-so sophisticated summer host!


A Bumper Wine Year for Leopard`s Leap

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The world of wine is a very competitive environment. At the 2018 Prowein show in Germany, 3690 wine producers and 602 sparkling wine were competing for the attention of international wine buyers and media.
This means hall upon hall of booths manned with winemakers and marketers trying to sell their wine. But what makes one wine brand better than the other?


Picnic Perfect Trout Quiche with Chenin Blanc

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Summer and picnic go hand in hand. Whether you enjoy the real deal with checkered blankets and baskets or a more sophisticated alfresco alternative, sipping on a refreshing white wine while relaxing in the shade, is central to a successful picnic.


A Dinner Date With Chenin Blanc

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Just at the thought of a dinner date, one gets butterflies in the tummy!


A Chenin Blanc for any occasion!

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Choosing a wine can be challenging when you are planning a menu or even when just ordering from a menu. But, whether the occasion is a family picnic, a girl’s night in or out, sultry sundowners or a romantic dinner for two, the wine answer is Chenin Blanc.


Wine Cocktail Recipe: Leopard’s Leap Honey-Cup

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While the name might suggest sweetness, the combination of ginger-ale and sleek slices of citrus in the Leopard’s Leap Honey-Cup smoothly cuts through the warm honey, leaving its comforting nuances without any cloying sweetness. Forming the basis of this refreshing drink and ensuring elegance and finesse, is the 2018 Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc.


Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc wins Chenin Blanc Trophy in 2018 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards!

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Top image: Leopard’s Leap CEO Hein Koegelenberg with winemaker Eugene van Zyl and brand manager, Line Smit 

The 2018 Leopard’s Leap Classic Chenin Blanc has been awarded with the Chenin Blanc Trophy in the 2018 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards. Hot on the heels of the exceptional Top Ten performance of its 2016 Culinaria Chenin Blanc in the Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Challenge, this award reaffirms the Leopard’s Leap winemaking team’s knack for this variety.


Pappoffers for Braai Day

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In South Africa, pap (maize porridge) is the ultimate heritage food. It is a staple in many households and in large parts of the country it is also an integral part of the treasured tradition of the braai.


Leopard’s Leap and Open Book announce winner of Message on a Bottle Competition

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Nobantu Shabangu was announced as the winner in the Leopard’s Leap Wines and Open Book Festival Message on a Bottle writing competition. The announcement took place at the opening ceremony of the festival, held at The Book Lounge in Cape Town on 4 September.

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