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Coca Cola Expands Powerade Beverage Portfolio

Coca Cola?s sports drink brand Powerade has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of two new zero-sugar drinks Powerade Ultra and Powerade Power Water.


Recap: The Coca Cola Truck Comes To Cheshire Oaks

Get ready - holidays are coming to Cheshire


Death To All Coca Cola Cans With This Miniature Arduino Powered Cannon

[MJKZZ] sends in this entertaining little tutorial on building a small automated cannon out of a syringe. He starts the build off by modifying an arc lighter, the fancy kind one might use to light ?


Coca Cola Royal Rumble Hits Cape Town This Thursday

The African Wrestling Alliance has decided to bless fight fans with an early festive gift at the Goodwood Civic Centre this week.


Women Denied Abortions In Kenya ‘are Using Cola To Kill Their Babies’

Mothers in Kenya are seeking alternative ways to cope with unwanted babies. Coca Cola and fizzy drinks could be fatal for a baby who needs nutrients, and is used to as poison, activists say.


Emmanuel Daycare Centre Gets An Upgrade Thanks To Coca-cola

Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, in partnership with Rotary Club of Newlands, opened the revamped Emmanuel Daycare Centre in Atlantis, on Monday.


Coca-cola Is Launching Its Own Seltzer Line With 8 Brand New Flavors

Two of them are packed with caffeine.


In The War On Plastic Is Coca-cola Friend Or Foe?

For many people, the Coca-Cola brand now stands for plastic pollution and childhood obesity.


Coca-cola Just Unveiled A New Apple Flavor In Japan And Everyone?s Already Obsessed

It's already selling out!


Catholics Protest Pro-lgbt Coca-cola Campaign

Hungarian Catholics have criticised their Church for failing to support them over a pro-LGBTQ Coca-Cola advertising campaign.