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‘it’s Quite A Big Moment For Us’

AUSTRALIA’S leading beverage companies including Coca-Cola and Pepsi have pledged to reduce the amount of sugary soft drinks they sell by 20 per cent by 2025.


Mexico: Gangs Cause Pepsi To Close Plant, 70 Jobless

The company has followed Coco-Cola to exit Altamirano, less than three months after. As a result, some 70 people have lost their jobs.


Los Angeles Times


Pepsi Deep Well Pumps In Muntinlupa Shuttered

(UPDATED) Authorities shut down 6 deep well pumps of softdrinks maker Pepsi Cola Products Philippines due to alleged ill effects to the environment.


Pepsi: Uncle Drew By Lionsgate

Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving just missed out on the finals, but his basketball playing septuagenarian Uncle Drew character, created by Pepsi, is back on the court and will star on the big screen f


‘you Feel The Difference In This Place’



Pepsi Launches Cool Sportswear Collection With Boohoo

PEPSI has launched a cool new sportswear collection with online retailers Boohoo and BoohooMAN. And while they might not be the most likely of duos, we’re all up for their art-inspired capsul…


Pepsi To Buy Fruit And Vegetable Snack Maker Bare Foods For Less Than $200 Million, Source Says

PepsiCo said on Friday it would buy baked fruit and vegetable snack maker Bare Foods, in a deal that underscores the company's efforts to strengthen its healthy snack portfolio.


Why Is Pepsi At Its 52-week Lows?

Pepsi appears attractive near its 52-Low. Operating margins have improved in spite of less than stellar results in the North America Beverage segment. The incre


Pepsi Truck Gets Stuck On Gloucester Beach

A Pepsi truck got stuck in the sand on a Gloucester beach as the tide approached Friday morning after the driver took a wrong turn, police said.

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