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Welsh Brewer Rebels Against Regulator ?tiny Rebel?s Cwtch Is Up Against Portman Panel Again ? Good Beer Hunting

THE GIST Tiny Rebel Brewing Company has again been censored by the Portman Group, accused of marketing an award-winning Red Ale to children despite spending thousands on legal costs and redesign. Th


9 Craft Breweries Worth Traveling For

From well-established breweries in South Africa and California, to the burgeoning markets in Southeast Asia, local craft breweries have been on the rise.


Borderlands 3 And Beavertown Brewery Team Up To Release New Beer Bandit Brew

Beavertown's Bandit Brew - a light IPA - will be released on September 13, the same day as Borderlands 3 hits the shelves


Join Us At The ‘beavertown Big Ride Presented By Cyclist’

A day of coffee, bikes and beers with one of London's best beer breweries


Every London Club’s Official Beer Partner

Camden Town Brewery have been confirmed as the official beer partner of Arsenal joining a range of other brewers involved with London clubs


You Can Get Free Beer If You Give Blood This Weekend

Giving blood could save three lives.


This Brewery Is Giving Away Free Beer To Blood Donors

The NHS states that 400 new donors are needed every day to keep up with demand


Beavertown Brewery Offers Free Beer In Exchange For Donating Blood

The UK craft brewer Beavertown Brewery is offering members of the public free beer in exchange for donating blood.


Craft Beer Boom Slows To A Trickle As Numbers Of New Breweries Drastically Drop

The craft beer boom in the UK has slowed to a trickle as the number of new breweries opening drops drastically, according to new research


The Ultimate Vegan Guide To Beer Drinking

Is beer vegan? From Budweiser to Pabst Blue Ribbon, these vegan-friendly beer brands are free from animal ingredients like isinglass, honey, and gelatin.