This trick makes a cheap bottle of vodka taste like Grey Goose

Everyone would love to be able to go to the store and pick up a premium vodka, but not everyone’s budgets will allow for such an indulgence.


Get your bacon on with these bacon fried mozzarella sticks

Sometimes you just need want to wrap everything in bacon, fry it up, plop down on the couch with Netfilx and call it a day..right?!….RIGHT!


Banana and Peanut Butter Roll-ups

Nothing’s quite like that classic combo of banana and peanut butter, and these banana roll-ups add a fun twist.


Five Australian Wines For Every Budget

Australian wine offerings continue to grow and expand thanks to the remarkable array of established and emerging producers. This article takes a look at some top pick of Australian wines and the best part; you don’t need to spend top dollar to get these quality bottles of wine.


Why white wine could be doing you more harm than you think

As a nation, the UK drinks more white wine than any other colour.


Will a bottle of wine chill more quickly in the freezer than in the refrigerator?

Priscilla in Evergreen, Colorado, writes:

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Why Gin Is Back With a Flourish

HAVE WE REACHED peak gin yet? Not so long ago, ordering a gin and tonic meant being served a rather bland but perfectly acceptable Gordon’s gin with a slice of lemon and a mainstream mixer.


Lanzerac Chardonnay and Caribbean Seafood Curry

This is a beautiful, mild curry that would pair perfectly with the fruity, lightly oaked Lanzerac Chardonnay which is a spectacular food wine.


Goldfish Tea is all the rage in Taiwan

TThe ultimate tea lover gift for the drinker who has it all? Charm Villa’s feverishly popular—and pricey—goldfish tea.


Truck Crash Sees Champagne Spilled Across Motorway

A truck driver in the US faced a Champagne nightmare after he crashed his vehicle and sent hundreds of bottles of Champagne smashing across the road.

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