Lil Wayne will perform for $110,000 and 18 Bottles of alcohol

Rappers’ riders are notoriously crazy.


Portraits of famous writers tell a story of wine corks

Wine corks are not something to be discarded, or dismissed as unimportant, not to artist Scott Gundersen, or to those who make a living from producing wine stoppers from cork.


The top beer brand on Twitter is MillerLite

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the start to the summer beer drinking season and you can be sure social-media-savvy beer drinkers will be engaging with their favorite brands as they sip their summer brews.


Milk and Coke. The Internets Next WTF Moment.

‘Thou shalt not mix Coke and milk’


Arcade Cocktail

Mix your own Arcade cocktail.


The secrets behind the perfect Irish Coffee

100 bottles of Irish whiskey and 2,000 Irish Coffees?


7 Two-ingredient Cocktails That Taste and Sound Fancy

Making drinks at home can be intimidating. First of all, booze isn’t cheap, so stocking a home bar takes time and money. Then, there’s the fact that most drinks call for more than just one type of alcohol.


Jeweller creates £18k Tequila space shuttle shot set

British jeweller Theo Fennell has created a miniature model of US space shuttle Ares V that doubles as a Tequila shot serving set, priced £18,000 (US$23,000).


Tequila shots with Oprah and Gayle in Ibiza

Oprah Winfrey and her best friend Gayle King have been on their fair share of vacations together, but it seems their latest getaway topped them all.


Leopard’s Leap introduces wine cocktails

Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards have recently introduced ten new wine-based cocktails, guaranteed to add extra pleasure to summer weekends when socialising and relaxing with friends in Franschhoek.