Berry Sorbet and Chocolate Mousse

Chef Johan Stander from Glen Carlou shares one of his favourite desserts – a vibrant and tantalising berry sorbet. This sorbet is not only easy to make but is also a no-guilt treat for all still trying to respect their new year resolutions.


French winemakers lead the field as Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 winners revealed

French winemakers have reasserted their authority on the wine world by scooping some of the most coveted trophies at the annual Decanter World Wine Awards ceremony, with South Africa, Canada, the US and British supermarket chains also scoring notable successes.


The World`s Heaviest Avocado Weighs In At 2.37 kg

Guinness World Records America confirmed that this enormous avocado found by Pamela Wang of Hawaii is the heaviest avocado in the world.


What would Jesus drink? Wineries try to recreate wine of the Bible

The Bible is full of references to wine: Noah gets drunk on it after the flood. Jesus turns water into wine.


Super foods and drinks to add to your diet for bikini season

Bikini season is upon us and if you are trying to drop that extra weight it might be time to look into foods with fat burning power.


50 Cent Washes Bentley Wheels With Champagne

The candy shop rapper and hooch mogul, 50 Cent, recently went to the Gram to clean his Bentley with a $1000 bottle bubbly, and the followers loved it like it was 1999.


Drink at this bar in Berlin and pay whatever you want

In Berlin, you can be sucked into paying quite a few euros for a meal, let alone a glass of wine. But if you’re coming to this city, there’s a restaurant you need to try, not only for its food and wine, but for its ancient honour code. At Weinerei, you pay what you want.


Is White Wine the Secret to Perfect Tempura?

Tempura in America and tempura in Japan are two very different creatures.


Why are the French drinking less wine?

Does the seemingly perpetual decline in consumption of France’s national drink symbolise a corresponding decline in French civilisation?


Eating chocolate cake first thing in the morning could help you LOSE weight, according to researchers

Eating chocolate cake first thing in the morning could actually help you LOSE weight, according to researchers.