The Hunter S Thompson Breakfast

Ralph Steadman, an illustrator and Thompson’s longtime collaborator, put it plainly enough, “Never try to drink as much as he does”.


10 Tasting Tips To Make Your Wine Tour More Enjoyable

Thinking about going on a winery tour? Here are 10 great tips from a winery owner.


James Bond-signed Macallan 1962 up for auction

Edrington is auctioning a bottle of The Macallan 1962, signed by James Bond actor Daniel Craig, for charity, in celebration of 50 years of the Bond franchise.


Brits Are Meaner To Their Celebrity Chefs Than We’ll Ever Be

The blogosphere is dark and full of snarkers, and we’ll gladly admit to the occasional mean-spirited comment here and there — but ultimately,


The foods you should never eat

You may have heard this phrase before, “There are no good or bad foods — there are only bad diets” and on the whole this is true.


Apple Cider Vinegar Is as Good for Your Dog as It Is for You

Apple cider vinegar has been a popular choice among the health food community for quite some time, but could the benefits of this magic liquid extend to your furry, four-legged friends?


Catnip Wine Allows You To Become Drinking Buddies With Your Cat

There are certain days when it is just appropriate to open a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass. Of course, wine always tastes better with a friend and what friend could be better than your feline friend?


Hanson Releases the MmmHop Beer

The Hanson brothers (yes, the boy band brothers best known for bringing the world “MmmBop”), have released their much anticipated beer. It’s appropriately titled “MmmHop.”


Packaging Spotlight: Gloji Juice

The unusual light bulb shaped bottle is a nice reference to the energy-giving properties of the drink.


Study finds over a third of Vegetarians eat meat when drunk!

We can’t help but snicker when we remember all the judgey-wudgey veg-heads who’ve scolded us for our meaty ways over the years. This study goes out to you, friends.