A Stellar year for Franschhoek

Regarded as one of South Africa’s leading wine producing regions as well as well the country’s premier culinary destination, the Franschhoek Wine Valley has every reason to raise a glass to 2012 / 2013 being a stellar year.


“Drink” This Cocktail Cloud Through Your Lungs and Eyeballs

The madcap British experiential food design duo Bompas & Parr got their start doing imaginative things with jelly. They’ve since made a career out of such sensory feats as developing the world’s first edible New Year’s Eve fireworks and grilling steaks over molten lava.


Avocado Stuffed Meatballs

Have you ever tasted meatballs stuffed with avocado? You should! Because these are INCREDIBLE!


Hip New Cocktail Ingredient Alert

Have you ever had a sip of poitín? Don’t worry – Anna Hart says you’ll find this Irish spirit in a bar near you soon…


Sweet and Sour Pumpkin and Lamb Stew

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Before Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas in 1494, cooks following the Persian-Arabian culinary tradition had to rely on a type of calabash pumpkin that couldn’t be used when ripe (the pumpkin dried out and became hollow as it ripened).


Get healthy fats first thing in the morning with a bulletproof coffee

Replacing your morning coffee’s dose of milk and sugar with a pat of butter to help kickstart your day into overdrive, according to advocates of the Bulletproof Coffee trend.


Detroit chef creates 10-course menu based on Radiohead songs

Apparently, when a Detroit chef and Radiohead fan listens to the album “Kid A,” dishes like maple sugar-seared duck breast, pink peppercorn gastrique and orange juniper pearls go dancing in his head.


Boom Boom Shrimp

Boom Boom Shrimp! Crispy shrimp get tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce. The result is utterly delicious, and addicting!


Pass the Merlot please! 2 Glasses of Wine Before Bed Helps You Lose Weight

Good news for anyone that prefers Cabernet over cardio: Drinking two glasses of wine before bed could actually be the magic pill that helps you lose weight, according to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School.


Man named Jack Daniels continues his family line by naming his son Jim Beam

An American man named Jack Daniels has continued his family line of whiskey brand names by naming his first born son Jim Beam.