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Why Soft Drinks Brands Worldwide Are Eager to Sponsor Soccer Clubs

Sports events are known to have a special appeal that cuts across continental borders. Sport knows no religion or race, and it does not speak any language. Soccer, in particular, is watched across the globe by billions of people from all walks of life, and also happens to be the most lucrative sport of them all. Unsurprisingly, it attracts a lot of interest from the corporate world who are willing to pen down bumper sponsorship deals. Soft drinks brands have been looking to tie down deals with big soccer clubs in the world, and here, we look at some of the possible reasons.


When Soft Drinks Become Premium: Is it about Health, Taste or Brand?

Once considered as an opportunity for refreshment and indulgence, the soft drinks industry has experienced a major transformation with an increasing focus on nutrition. People are searching for natural beverage options as sugar-laden, conventional soda soft drinks are being constantly criticised by the media worldwide.


Do`s and Don`ts of Alcohol and Soft Drinks Storage

Many pedantic people are sure that a refrigerator should be used exclusively for storing food products, but it is always possible to find some place for everything else. This is not entirely true, so a logical question arises – what rated side by side refrigerators to choose to put food and drinks and ensure their proper storage?


Diet Soft Drinks Linked to Heart Disease

Some studies have suggested that consumption of diet soft drinks may be associated with Type 2 diabetes and development of the condition known as metabolic syndrome — high blood pressure,


New range of soft drinks is title sponsor of InneSense Cellar2Cellar Trail Run and Wine Experience

InneSense, an exciting new range of soft drinks reminiscent of the traditional values of the good olde days,


Sugary drinks banned from Victorian museums

Sugary drinks will be banned at Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and the Immigration Museum from next month.


21 Drinks You Should Try When You Turn 21

Isn’t this the day we all waited forever since our mum allowed us to try that first sip of the wine? Of course, back then you gagged and promised yourself you’ll never take a sip of alcohol ever again in your life. Now, that you graduate from college or high school, you are ready to get into the self-sipping mode and you are welcomed to the other side. So, here are 21 drinks that you must try when you turn 21.  


Scrumptious Mushroom Recipes Paired With Ice Cold Gin Drinks

When it comes to pairing gin with food, in general, mushrooms is new territory for us all, right?


Drinks to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

If you’re serious about losing weight you know you shouldn’t be drinking certain types of drinks.


The Cape`s favourite soft drink celebrates 115 years of refreshment with a Cola Tribute Edition

While most soft drinks in the world are now owned and bottled by one of three major companies, there’s still a rich mosaic of “hand-crafted”, soda poppa companies out there doing what they’ve been doing for the last hundred years or so — and doing it damn well.