Cats may be strict carnivores that will stalk your bird feeder before raiding your vegetable garden, but there are some greens they do crave. Turns out cat grass holds some amazing health benefits for humans too.


Rooibos can be a great ingredient for a morning energy boosting smoothie, regardless of the fact that it contains no caffeine. Brighten up your day with this Rooibos smoothie with Banana.


Green smoothies are hot right now — every health-oriented restaurant and juice bar is offering it, and it’s easy to see why. Smoothies are the easiest (and tastiest) way of giving your body all the nutrition it needs, and green smoothies are all about nutrition. 


Juicy and smoothie beers are having a moment, but Toronto craft brewers are divided on whether these experimental beers are even beers at all


Cocktails and smoothies are incredible drinks. They come in all kinds of flavours, styles and colours. You can have alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, based on what kind of an occasion it is and what you’re in the mood for. A pool party is probably going to be even better with a couple of margaritas or mojitos, but for a family brunch you’re probably better off with a fruit smoothie.


It’s normal for most people to experience some type of pain in their bodies, especially after a long and physically exhausting day. In most cases, the soreness in the muscles or joints will disappear after a day or two. However, there’ll be instances when the body pain you feel lasts longer than usual.  


Homemade smoothies are healthier and cheaper than store-bought smoothies. Learn why you should make smoothies at home instead.


The breakfast club said the show reflects the can-do attitude of Joburgers.


Anele and the Club on 947 has announced that the show has launched its own smoothie in collaboration with Sir Fruit. Sir Fruit agreed to develop, produce and sell the brand-new product on its website.


Honey Jam As if opening one restaurant during a pandemic wasn?t enough, Sam Lee decided to go for two.