A Beer Lover`s Guide To Drinking Wine

You might consider yourself a beer drinker, but there are times when you need to drink wine. Corporate gatherings, a private dinner party, a friend’s birthday celebration at a restaurant, weddings…the list goes on.

This article is for you. It’s a beer drinker’s guide to drinking wine.

You don’t have to be an expert at wine, you just need to know enough to get by so you can enjoy it and feel comfortable during those times when you’re in a wine environment.

Here’s the two most basic things you should know about wine:

• Don’t drink white zinfandel in public. That’s like going to the bar and ordering a sloe gin fizz. It just shows you don’t know what you are doing, that you’re better off with a clipboard than being under center. The reason is that white zif – not to be confused with the red zif, which is actually quite good and can be quite pricey, as well – is a “starter” wine. It’s very sweet. There’s nothing wrong with starting out your wine drinking experience with it, just do it at home. From there, graduate to a lighter white or red.

•  Don’t order a rose. That’s blend of white and red grapes and besides not being very good, it shows you can’t make up your mind. Be decisive! Actually, rose is a popular wine in France on warm afternoons. But this advice is for those who are in a bar or restaurant where it’s not appropriate.


If you drink these kinds of beers, these are the types of wines that fit the style:

• Light Beer: Pino Grigio

• Regular Lager–  Riesling

• Heavier/Bolder Lager: Chardonnay

• Pale Ale: Shiraz

• IPA: Pino Noir (Pinor Noir is said to be the skeleton key to the human palate, by the way) or Zinfandel

• Stout: Cabernet Sauvignon

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