A Bento Box For Humans Who Love Cats, Art And Rice Balls

The prayers of cat and rice ball lovers around the world have been answered! You can take Onigiri, the Bento staple, and turn it into any shape you want, even a cat!!

Edible art with kattitude

Onigiri Gekijou is the master of Rice Ball Art. The Japanese vlogger went from zero to hero in January 2020, after a video of his incredibly detailed and precise rice art went viral.

Onigiri Gekijou use Onigiri, a Japanese comfort food, to shape sculptures of famous legends like Beethoven. His video tutorials give viewers behind-the-scene access to the man, the Bento Box and the art he makes from Japanese cuisine. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you will understand the useful videos with tips and techniques. Each video breaks down and demonstrates the steps needed to turn plain rice into elaborated characters and lifelike animals.

Make your own cat onigiri

You don’t need a fancy kitty-shaped onigiri kit to make these. Once you’ve got your white rice cooked, lay it out on a piece of plastic wrap and knead it into a ball. After you’ve got a more or less circular shape, use a cat-shaped cookie cutter to shape the head. Add some colour and give the rice some cat-like markings with soya sauce.

Make the starting lines of the cat’s mouth with extra-thin strips of nori seaweed. Use tweezers to stick them onto the surface of the rice without pushing so hard as to dent the kitty’s snout.

Apply a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise with a toothpick to create the pink nose. Use seaweed to add extra detail to the mouth and nose and to create the cat’s eyes.

While these feline-inspired rice rolls involve a little more effort than normal, you’ll be rewarded for your trouble and feel like the cat’s whiskers!