A Boozy Easter Egg for Grown-Ups

What is the best thing you ever found inside an Easter egg? Chocolate? Jelly beans? Maybe a couple of quarters? None of that compares to what’s inside the icy eggs served at Alexandria, Virginia’s Jackson 20: booze.

Inspired by “in the rocks” cocktails served at Aviary in Chicago, Jackson 20’s head bartender, Andy Nelson, developed the For the Birds—a name that both references the egg-shaped ice and pays homage to Aviary’s bartenders. To make the egg, Nelson freezes a balloon filled with filtered water until a substantial shell forms but the egg is not frozen solid. He drains it using a flavor injector, and stores the egg in a plastic box in the freezer. When one of the drinks is ordered, he refills the egg with a vibrant red Boulevardier: Willett Pot Still bourbon, Campari and Carpano Antica vermouth.

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