A Brampton Wine Studio Experience

11 Church Street is where you will find a one-of-a-kind place in a one-of-kind town, Stellenbosch.

But please don’t ask for it by its address, it’s way too popular for that. Ask for it by name.

Brampton Bar and Restaurant in Stellenbosch offers a unique experience that has something for everyone. Whether you are out with your family for a relaxing Sunday lunch or a great night out with your mates, this is the perfect place to start your evening or end off a fantastic night out.

Now, when you’re a townie like myself, and think of the Winelands, you consider going to an actual wine estate (as do most of us). But I am glad I chose a different route this time.

One of the venue’s best features is its raised bar and chalkboards which have been converted into tables. It adds to the relaxed environment, but is also fantastic for entertaining kids, and kids at heart.

If you’re wondering, guests are indeed encouraged to ‘leave their mark’ on the chalkboard tables. If you’d like your chalk art to stand out, ensure you have a wet cloth (which the staff are happy to provide you with) in order to get started on a blank canvas.

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