A Gin and Tonic a day keeps the allergies at bay!

While many can’t wait for winter to be over, there are those of us who are already dreading the spring bloom and the ensuing wave of hay fever it entails. BUT, and this is a big but, there may be hope in the form of everyone’s favourite drink – the gin and tonic.

Asthma UK has revealed that switching to drinking gin may help soothe sufferers due to the spirit’s naturally low levels of histamine. It’s good news too for lovers of vodka and other clear spirits, which also are lower in histamine than traditional trigger alcohols like red wine and beer.

Those looking to minimise the effects of hay fever should particularly avoid red wine which is known to contain both higher levels of histamine and sulphates. And it’s not just alcohol sufferers should avoid, foods such as smoked and cured meats and fish are also known to be high in histamine as are some of the world’s most popular cheeses, namely camembert, parmesan and cheddar.

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