A Golden Moment: The Boschendal Vin D’Or Joins The World-class Heritage Collection

 This Heritage month, Boschendal celebrates a 335-year legacy winemaking with the announcement that their premiere Noble Late Harvest – the Boschendal Vin D’Or, has been added to their Heritage Collection, alongside the globally acclaimed Grande Syrah and Black Angus.

With a purity that has earned the wine the moniker of ‘liquid gold’, this naturally sweet blend requires a touch of fate to bring its signature fresh citrus finish to the forefront. The forces of the vine and nature must come together in such a way that the grapes reach an exceptionally high concertation level through slow evaporation. This yields a pour of citrus aromas especially tangerine, hints of tropical fruit and delicate notes of honeysuckle. On the palate, the wine boasts a tremendous fruit core, an explosion of kumquat, lots of concentration and good balance.

“This wine does not leave you with a cloying sweetness but finishes off with a fresh citrus zest.” says winemaker Michael Langenhoven. “With equal parts of Viognier and Riesling, we need everything in our favour to create the elegance of Vin D’Or, all the elements must align. But I think this makes each sip a cherished opportunity – a captured moment of providence” he continues. 

Pairing well with Crème Brulee, pastries or custard and especially aged cheeses, the luxury wine will make sweet summer days feel even closer with a distinctive refreshing taste.

“As pioneers in South African wine, there was no doubt that Vin D’Or would be a perfect addition to the Heritage range,” says Jacques Viljoen, Boschendal Cellar Master. “We hope everyone gets the opportunity to share in this rare golden beauty and to share it with those special enough to receive it as a gift.”