A new study confirms liquor makes you confident

Unofficially, everyone knows that different kinds of booze will give them a different kind of night. But now, data from one of the largest surveys on drug and alcohol use finally prove it: hard liquor gives most people that extra ~swag~.

Screenshot 2017 11 23 at 06.45.25 A new study confirms liquor makes you confident

That’s based on findings from the 2016 Global Drug Survey, run by an independent research organization based in London. The survey was distributed through print, digital, and social media in 11 different languages, and ultimately included 29,000 people between 18 and 34 years old, from 21 different countries.

Everyone who took the survey responded to questions about how they felt after drinking wine, liquor, beer, and cider—though cider didn’t have enough responses so was left out of the final analysis—and their drinking habits, like how often and how much they drank. They also reported their age, gender, and whether or not they attended high school to give a rough estimate of their socioeconomic class.

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