A pint a day keeps the doctor away

We have long been told that a glass of red wine is good for our health, but now an increasing number of clinical studies show that beer can have even greater benefits.

‘Beer has a bad image – it is more often associated with drunken football crowds than health-conscious, discerning drinkers,’ says Dr George Philliskirk of The Institute of Brewing and Distillery, who specialises in yeast research. ‘But when drunk in moderation, beer provides a wider range of health benefits than wine.’

And it doesn’t matter whether you prefer ale or lager, as they are both produced from water, barley, hops and yeast. The only difference lies in the way they are fermented – ale is brewed for a week in a warm environment, while lager is produced over the course of a month at a much colder temperature. ‘It needn’t be an expensive beer – just don’t drink so much you cancel out any of the benefits,’ adds Dr Philliskirk. ‘This means no more than a pint a day for a woman and between one and two pints, depending on the beer’s strength, for a man.’

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