A refreshing new look for Amarula

As it crests at an all-time high in terms of global sales, Amarula is set to be refreshed with a nuanced new look that highlights the brand’s sophisticated but exotic positioning.  The change in appearance, to ensure it remains suitably dressed for its role as one of the world’s most popular spirits, is to be unveiled this year across all 103 markets in which it trades.

Recently identified in research conducted by Euromonitor International as one of the world’s top liqueurs and also as one of the fastest-growing spirits products globally, Amarula has maintained an uninterrupted growth trajectory since the combination of marula spirit with cream 22 years ago. It is now the second biggest cream liqueur brand internationally.

The change in livery highlights all the brand’s readily recognisable icons, but projects a sleeker, more contemporary face for greater shelf impact. Presented in a taller, slimmer looking bottle in the trademark chocolate-brown colour, its label is a touch lighter, with the branding now featured in a warmer shade of gold for easier legibility.  The elephant and marula graphics have been rendered more prominently to underscore the provenance of the famous drink that originates in sub-Saharan Africa and is made from the indigenous fruit of the marula tree much loved by elephants. The elephant neck crest has also been modified slightly for easier recognition.

Says international spokesperson for the brand, Siobhan Thompson: “Over the years, Amarula has undergone several small pack alterations.  While the intrinsics remain unchanged, the look is refreshed from time to time in keeping with prevailing trends.  The newest iteration is to ensure it retains its relevance as an accessible and versatile luxury beverage for home and on-consumption enjoyment.”

The new, warmer look, she adds, is intended to entrench the consumption of Amarula as a ritual, whether as an aperitif, an after-dinner drink, a shooter, a cocktail, or to mark a special occasion, to celebrate the new season or a particular holiday.

Earlier this year, Amarula was identified as one of the world’s top bar brands in an international industry poll, undertaken by Drinks International. In the survey involving 700 bartenders, bar owners and mixologists across 60 countries, Amarula was listed as a Top Ten Hot Liqueur brand, taking sixth position.  Respondents were drawn from the most popular bars in major world cities and were asked to identify the hottest brands on the lips of their patrons.