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A taste of Flat Roof Manor Malbec

When you hear about a Malbec wine, where do you think it is from? Probably Argentina, but maybe from it’s native home, in France. In either case, you would be wrong. A bottle of Flat Roof Manor Malbec 2010 was sent to me to taste and review. It comes from the Stellenbosch region of South Africa.

I checked into the history of Malbec in South Africa and found out that it has been around the region since the 1920s, so it does have a fair history. From my past experience tasting many South African wines through the South World Wine Society, I was expecting an “Old World Style New World Wine“. A wine with it’s feet in both the history of Europe and the youth of the Americas and Southern hemisphere. And I was right. South African wines tend to go very well with food as they have good tannic structure and are not over the top with fruit flavour and aroma.

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