A taste of Stellenzicht`s Flagship Wines

Winemaker Guy Webber came to town recently and presented his ultra-premium Stellenzicht wines at Carne in Constantia, Cape Town. I still find it difficult to decide which complement each other better – the wines paired with the food prepared by esteemed chef Giorgio Nava or the wines paired with the humour of ever passionate winemaker and funny guy, Mr Webber.

Guy joined Stellenzicht Vineyards as winemaker in 1998,  and has enjoyed considerable success ever since. This legend in the wine business is considered as one of South Africa’s Pinotage masters with a personal tally of five ABSA Top 10 scores. The man is extremely passionate about this varietal and considers it his absolute favourite.

“It bears well, colours well and gives good fruit. It’s a strong, masculine varietal that challenges the winemaker to balance power with elegance.” This is an ideal Guy pursues in every wine he makes.

But it was not all about pinotage over lunch at Carne. Guy was there to showcase the new vintages from Stellenzicht’s flagship wine range.

First up, the Golden Triangle Sauvignon Blanc 2014. The use of the highest quality fruit is evident in this refreshing white wine, priced at R60 a bottle. A real steal! The grapes are hand-picked from the oldest sauvignon blanc vineyard in the ”Stellenbosch Triangle” which were planted in 1985 and 1986. Packed full of wonderful tropical fruit flavours, this Sauvignon Blanc over-delivers on price and on the palate!golden triangle sauv blanc e1432211314963 A taste of Stellenzicht`s Flagship Wines

Serving suggestions: On it’s own or enjoy with something fishy.

I had to stop myself from crying when Guy mentioned that the Stellenzicht Semillon Reserve is being discontinued. Why? Because people are not drinking enough of it. You snooze, you loose! I therefore don’t see the need to tell you what you’ll be missing out on in the future.

stellenzicht semillion e1432212582325 A taste of Stellenzicht`s Flagship Wines

You might be able to get the last of the 2009 Semillon vintage here.

Moving onto the reds. Shiraz lover’s will go gaga over the Plum Pudding Hill Syrah 2009.  It’s a rugged, earthy wine full of ripe plum and herbs. The grapes used in this dramatic Shiraz comes from a single vineyard, affectionately known as “Plum-Pudding Hill”.  The steep hillside produces intense small fruit for a wine that is full of deep ripe blackberry and new car leather. With limited quantities available,  securing a bottle of this is a must! The wine retails for R180 per bottle.

stellenzicht syrah e1432215002560 A taste of Stellenzicht`s Flagship Wines

Last is the Stellenzicht Rhapsody 2007. This Cape Blend has the muscles of a Super 12 rugby player. A wine perfect for a Supersport rugby match. Crack it open with kick-off and see how it transform in the glass by half-time. Your last glass during the game will reveal the velvety dark fruit flavours on the wine. For those looking for a rewarding wine experience, it doesn’t get better than this bottle of wine! The Stellenzicht Rhapsody 2009 retails at R180 per bottle.

Stellenzicht Rhapsody 2007 e1432217040482 A taste of Stellenzicht`s Flagship Wines

If you find yourself in the Stellenbosch region any time soon be sure to visit the estate’s completely remodelled tasting venue. It’s the ’go-to’ place for wine lovers seeking an intimate and chic experience and you can try all these wines!

Stellenzicht Wine Estate Tasting Room 009 e1432215860533 A taste of Stellenzicht`s Flagship Wines

Stellenzicht Vineyards is open to the public, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 to 16:00.