A tasty breakfast in bed dish Mom will love

Give mom some bite-sized goodness this Mother’s Day in the form of strawberry brie waffle bites, courtesy of lemontreedwelling.com!


12 strawberries (cut into 24 rings; tops and bottoms will not be used!)
2-3 waffles (cut into a total of 24 pieces)
1 brie cheese wedge (cut into 24 pieces)
maple syrup, for drizzling or dipping

CLICK HERE for the instructions.

Wine pairing suggestion: 

The Protea Rosé by Anthonij Rupert Wines.

protea rose e1430927788919 A tasty breakfast in bed dish Mom will love

It’s time to let your Mom see the world through Rosé coloured glasses.  After all, she’s the one who gave up wine for nine months! The Protea Rosé is a blend of 3 varietals, namely Mourvedre, Cinsaut and Shiraz. The colour is the palest of pinks to look at, and shows red berries, orange rind and sweet cherries on the nose. In a world where few Rosés are more than merely quaffable, this wine has presence, spice, texture and confidence –a delight which your mom will love!