A visit to Lanzerac Wine Estate

Lanzerac. I can’t even remember a time when I did not know that name. Admittedly, it was probably because the Lanzerac rosé was the wine to drink back in the day. Even though I was a kid, I would have seen that characteristic bottle countless times. The rosé is not sweet anymore, and the style of the bottle has been modernised, but I’m sure you still recognise it, just as I do.

Lanzerac. The name has always been so familiar, yet quite devoid of association for me. Apart from the famous rosé, I did not know anything about Lanzerac as I had never visited the estate. If you had asked me where it was, I would have guessed Stellenbosch and I would have been correct. But I guess Stellenbosch for any estate I don’t know because one has a greater chance of being right!

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