Actress Cameron Diaz Launches Organic Wine Range With Best Friend

Fresh on the heels of Snoop Dogg and Post Malone actress Cameron Diaz is the latest Hollywood celebrity to enter the world of wine. Last week she launched ‘Avaline’, a “clean” and organic wine range with her best friend and partner Katherine Power.

The new brand consists of white and rosé offerings crushed from organic grapes, free of any undesirable ingredients such as sugars, colours, or concentrates. The There’s something about Mary star hopes to steward new standards of transparency for American wine.

Diaz broke into the health and lifestyle space back in 2013 with the release of The Body Book. In it, Diaz chronicles the connection between nutrition and well-being through scientific and personal anecdotes. It quickly became a #1 New York Times bestseller.

“My whole life I thought it was just fermented grapes. I was surprised to discover that the winemaking process could be manipulated in the winery with over 70 additives including acids, sugars and colouring materials,” and says, “When your mouth turns purple from drinking red wine, it is not natural. That’s a colouring called Mega Purple. Traditionally, people just assume the wine they’re drinking is vegan. Most wines are not; they’re filtered through either egg whites or fish bladder lining.”

In most countries, water addition is banned but in California, there are a few situations in which it is allowed.

She and Katherine had decided to educate themselves on the commercial winemaking process and were horrified with what they discovered.

‘Winemaking starts in the vineyard, with the soil and how the grapes are nurtured from the moment they flower on the vine. If you don’t drink wine with organically grown grapes, you’re drinking pesticides and chemicals that you don’t want inside you,” Diaz told Instyle.

They believe starting with organic grapes is the most important step in making delicious, clean wine. By starting with sustainably-farmed grapes, they don’t need additives to alter the flavour or consistency of the wines which are free of unnecessary add-ins like sugars, colours, and concentrates, with a label that prominently displays the ingredients.

The two women assert there’s significance in women creating a wine brand in an industry still dominated by men. While conceding there are a few exemplary women in the wine industry, they hope female leadership becomes more prevalent. ‘To date, it’s largely an industry run by men and we saw it as an opportunity and not a barrier. We know how to make products that modern women crave, and hope our involvement contributes to more female-led brands.’

Produced in Provence in the South of France, Avaline Rosé is reported to be a crisp, clean and zesty wine with melon flavour. The Avaline White is dry and mineral, made from Spanish grapes from Penedés. Both are available from at $20 a bottle and are also available online on the website.