All 8 Super Bowl 50 Drinks Commercials

Sit back, pour another one and watch all the drinks commercials from Super Bowl 50.

Coca-Cola: Coke Mini
Two thirsty heroes. Only one Coca-Cola Mini. Witness an epic chase between Marvel’s biggest and smallest Super Heroes: the Incredible Hulk and Astonishing Ant-Man. Despite their differences in size, Hulk and Ant-Man both know what it’s like to get thirsty.

Budweiser USA
Budweiser teams up with Helen Mirren to start a movement that stands apart from the typical drunk driving PSA by calling on drivers to #GiveADamn and protect their lives and the lives of others.

Mountain Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby
When three friends decide to stay home for the night, a surprise visitor arrives with MTN DEW Kickstart on a mission to change their minds.

Bai – Horse Whisperer
5 calories and tastes amazing? None of this makes sense.

Michelob ULTRA
Go the Extra Mile.

The Bud Light Party
America. They say we’re a nation divided. They say we disagree on everything. But they’re wrong. We agree on a lot. Like liberty. Justice. Three-day weekends. Funny t-shirts. Jeans. Free parking. Burritos. Sliding on hardwood floors in socks. Cat videos. And beer. Nothing brings America together like Bud Light.

Shock Top
Shock Top pitch T.J. Miller on his next big movie when they square off in a little game of ‘I Like

Joy of Pepsi ft Janelle Monáe
Kicking off the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, Janelle Monáe dances her way through 50 years of Pepsi history, from a rocking diner to a bumping dance club.