All You Need To Know About The TikTok Apple Juice Challenge

“Tiktok apple juice challenge” videos is currently garnering a lot of mystique and suspense on social media. The crazy new challenge involves the Tiktok users actually biting into a plastic bottle. 

What is the TikTok apple juice challenge?

This latest TikTok craze is actually related to the apple juice bottles sold by Martinellis. The bottles are made of PET plastic and are shaped like an apple. However, these bottles are only available in the U.S. currently. 

For the “TikTok apple juice challenge”, one needs to get a Martinelli’s apple juice bottle with the weight of 10oz. People then can bite into the bottle while being on Tiktok. The Tiktok users are actually buying the apple juice bottles as well as posting their videos as they bite it. This trend is that is being considered weird among social media users is the current challenge on TikTok. Take a look at the TikTok video right here.

Apparently biting into a Martinelli’s apple juice PET bottle sounds like just like as you are biting into an actual apple. 

However many videos that the TikTok users are posting have actually added the sound effect of biting an apple. So, the TikTok videos are edited. The actual sound of biting the PET bottle is like a crunchy one due to the three layers of plastic that the PET bottle is made of which makes us think as if we are actually biting of an apple. It is considered to be a unique marketing technique by the Martinelli’s. However, the company hasn’t officially commented about the same yet.


I was surprised to find out that the bottle has 3 layers of plastic #foryou #martinelli #applejuice

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