Amazing Vodka Facts That Will Change Your Life Forever

Hey, guys! Do you like drinking every once in a while? Come on, I swear I’m not gonna tell your mom. How ‘bout some tequila? Or brandy? Rum, huh? Oh, so we’re going full Russian today, I see…But wait, is it really their stuff or just one of the biggest clichés? I guess we’re about to find out. Keep tracking for those myths and facts about one of the ultimate drinks in the Universe.

Myth number 1.Vodka was invented by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev.

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The outstanding Russian scientist Mendeleyev, contrary to widespread misconception, had nothing to do with vodka. Dmitry Ivanovich did investigate the compounds of ethyl alcohol with water. However, only in terms of physical properties: specific gravity and contraction. Mendeleev himself never drank vodka, although at one time he worked as chairman of the subcommittee on streamlining the production and sale of weak alcoholic beverages. By the way, there he dealt exclusively with excise matters.

Myth number 2. Vodka has been on the tables since the dawn of times.

Perhaps, there is a living opinion that this strong drink has already firmly established in Russia from the formation of Ancient Rus. This is definitely not the case. Vodka went to the big market only a few decades ago. Officially forty-degree drink in its modern condition has a very specific date of birth. This is the year 1895.

Myth number 3.Grain vodka is better than potato one.

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Modern technologies lower the value of raw materials in the process. So the grain or potato-produced drink – it’s not so important. Results of international competitions confirm that this statement is nothing more than a myth. So, in 2010, the best potato vodka in the world was the English potato one.

Myth number 4. Vodka is a non-aesthetic drink.

With the appearance on the shops shelves of all kinds of alcoholic beverages – whiskey, cognac, tequila, rum – it was not comme il faut. It is only fair to rehabilitate the status of this drink in the public eye. Long since vodka is considered not only a pure but also a noble drink. Another thing that you need to know is how to drink it. Know the measure! Vodka is perfectly combined with fat and hot-hot, almost flaming hot dishes, especially Russian cuisine, and all kinds of cold snacks. Throw aside the delusion that drinking vodka in one gulp is a bad form. The recommended portion and the very nature of this drink do not imply that it should be planted in small sips.

Myth number 5. Vodka is Russian’s national drink.

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This myth has nothing to do with reality. It is believed, that poor Russian wives blame their men for drinking like crazy. However, today vodka is produced all over the world and drunk in different quantities. And the Slavs are not record-breakers in this matter at all. Foreigners often do not lag behind, and sometimes even overtake our Russians in terms of the amount of this drink consumed. Firstly, this drink is a well-promoted brand, and, secondly, vodka really is in some moments favourably different from other strong alcohol. A quality drink in moderate doses, as a rule, does not leave a hangover after it. And it is combined with almost any food.

Myth number 6. Vodka warms your body.

One of the most ridiculous beliefs is that vodka was invented in Russia because of the severe climate. Like, it helps to keep warm in the frosty weather. We hasten to upset you. This is not quite true. When a person gets into a warm room after a snowy street and drinks a glass of the drink, he really gets warm. Under the influence of ethyl, the heart starts to work faster and additional energy is produced. Capillaries of the skin are opened, which contributes to the heat release of the body and can lead to hypothermia.

Myth number 7. Vodka kills bacteria.

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It’s a very common myth that turned out to be wrong. Indeed, this drink kills harmful microbes, disinfecting the body. However, useful microbes, which are so necessary for the normal life of a person, are destroyed, too. The human body falls into a kind of anabiosis and becomes resistant to diseases and infections, but it does not get better because all processes are slowing down both good and bad.

Myth number 8. Vodka Relieves stress.

For some reason, it is widely believed that stress should be removed with alcohol. In practice, however, this drink can hardly be an effective antidepressant. Approximately 20-30 milliliters of forty-degree drink will help to remove emotional and physical stress. True, it is very important not to overdo it. Thus, trying to stifle daily stress with vodka, a person risks becoming a victim of alcoholism. This disease is very insidious and not as simple as it might seem at first glance.