Americans are drinking more tequila in protest of President Trump

No longer relegated to rounds of party shots, tequila is having a moment in the spotlight as the new drink of choice for those with a refined palate – and strong political opinions.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, sales of the blue agave-based drink have risen 121 per cent since 2002.

One reason behind the increase is because the rich and famous have adopted the liquor as their go-to drink.

George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and P Diddy are well-known fans of the drink, having created their very own brands – and others have caught on as well.

On the Oscars red carpet, Helen Mirren downed a shot of tequila and wellness-obsessed Gwyneth Paltrow even promotes the alcohol for its lack of gluten and minimal caloric content.

While tequila is delicious, the underlying reason the liquor may be seeing a rise in popularity could have to do with the divisive speech of the President of the United States.

According to the New York Times: “For some people, drinking tequila, a type of mescal made from the blue agave plant in specific regions of Mexico – as well as other kinds of mescal – is even a way to signal dissent from the presidency of Donald Trump, who has made a border wall between the United States and Mexico a priority.”

For John Rexer, founder of Ilegal Mezcal, Trump’s campaign led him to create a line of Donald Trump-themed merchandise – which he has used to fundraise for various organisations focused on education, undocumented youth and immigration reform, women’s reproductive rights, wildlife animal protection, and LGBT advocacy.

Rexer also held a drinking protest, “A Shot at Donald,” which donated $2 for every photo of an Ilegal bottle alongside the hashtag #AShotAtDonald.