America’s First Cannabis Cafe Opens In Los Angeles

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café has opened its doors in West Hollywood. The eatery is a natural extension of the Lowell Farms cannabis brand and the first café of its kind to freely allow cannabis consumption in public in the United States.

The café is designed as a food and cannabis pairing experience that’s been curated by a “flower host,” essentially a sommelier for the green stuff. The flower hosts offer tableside guidance on the flavours and effects of different strains, even rolling joints for guests. And it’s not all for experienced smokers: The café bills itself as a friend for both pros and those who are “canna-curious”. Bongs, pipes, and edibles are also options and guests are also allowed to bring their own cannabis for a corkamorimcork America’s First Cannabis Cafe Opens In Los Angeles by Amorim Corkage-style fee.

The menu, which is not laced with cannabis, is from chef Andrea Drummer, who worked to pair each dish with a cannabis strain to highlight its particular terpene and flavour profile. Menu items range from snacks like vegan nachos and jerk lamb chops to a crispy chicken sandwich, kale salads, and grilled cheese. Desserts are on offer too, of course, with options like Fruity Pebbles cheesecake or milkshakes with a variety of mix-ins like candied pecan and caramel corn.

 America’s First Cannabis Cafe Opens In Los Angeles

As for the space itself, it’s a plant-filled wonderland with skylights, trendy neon signs, and exposed brick walls, as one might expect in any brand new West Hollywood café.  This one just happens to allow cannabis consumption, both inside and on its expansive outdoor patio. 

Only those aged 21 and up may enter the café at any time.