Ammunition Case Box Wine

Drawing a profound visual parallel between alcohol and weaponry, this ammo case of wine of is slick, sexy, and loaded with 3 liters of artisanal heat, but is likely to cause death and destruction if it falls into the wrong hands. Ironically, it is also likely to be purchased by yuppies and hipsters who will have to take the seller’s word on the case’s authenticity, as they’ll never have actually seen one in real life.

That is to say, The Most Attractive Boxed Wine in the World has internet startup and ad agency holiday parties written all over it. And once co-workers and fellow oenophiles reach that state of oeno-happy, get ready for fun wartime and military jargon: “Need a refill? Incoming!” “There’s no more wine? Whiskey tango foxtrot?!” “You can’t handle the truth!”

Cases are available in PTSD-Exacerbating Zinfandel and Rocket-Propelled Chardonnay. Don’t forget to add some ice to the wine!

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