Amorim to eradicate TCA by 2020

Head of the world’s largest cork producer, Antonio Amorim, says that his company will have achieved the total eradication of TCA across the billions of corks it produces by 2020.

“We will have a non-detectible TCA guarantee for everything, it’s in our company strategy for 2020; we are working as fast as ever,” he told the drinks business during an interview in Portugal earlier this year.

Such comments were prompted by a discussion about the advent two years ago of NDTech – a pioneering screening system for natural cork, which tests each stopper for TCA, and, as a result, offers customers a ‘non-detectable TCA guarantee’.

Although the new technology is “a game-changer” according to Antonio, it is an expensive solution for a relatively small number of stoppers, and it works to remove any tainted corks from the system, rather than getting rid of the TCA in the first place.