Amy Winehouse’s lethal concoction

The tragic news of Amy Winehouse’s death on Saturday has been received with understandable disbelief and upset among her devastated family and friends. This wild lady with her beehive hairdo was indeed one of the best female vocalist our generation have seen and will be dearly missed.

The 27-year-old, who infamously struggled with addiction, was found dead in her bed by her flatmate on Saturday afternoon. Amy had been drinking and taking drugs for 36 hours before she collapsed, sources revealed. After a marathon whisky binge, she bought heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine near her home in Camden, London, just after 10.30pm on Friday. Some friends claimed Amy died from a “bad” ecstasy pill, mixed with alcohol.

Her fans left flowers, bottles of wine, cans of beer, and fags in front of her house over the weekend to pay tribute to the star. Tributes included a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a can of Stella Artois.

British jazz funk and acid jazz singer, Jamiroquai, expressed his grieve on Facebook with the following statement: “Amy Winehouse was a true British talent, with a natural gift for Jazz and Soul. She will be missed by everyone who has a passion for music with raw emotion at it’s heart. We dedicated ‘High Times‘ to Amy at last night’s gig in tribute to her. We’ll miss you, Amy x”