An ode to the olive

It’s been touted as a healthy option packed full of antioxidants and good fats but best of all, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is tasty. Whether you like yours peppery, green or you prefer subtler tastes, it’s one of those ingredients that any avid foodie worth their salt will have in their kitchen.

We’re privileged to be able to enjoy some really great quality olive oils that are home grown and blended in South Africa, so when you’re stocking up on Extra Virgin olive oil, be sure to look for local names before you reach for those imports.

To truly benefit from olive oil, buy the cold-pressed Extra Virgin variety. While this is more expensive, it is the first press of the olive and is packed with all the goodness that olive oil is known for. Buying “light” olive oil or just “olive oil” is not the same because it is refined, deodorised and bleached. This means that all the goodness is taken out of it and you might as well buy plain old cooking oil.