Apparently Water Filters Make Cheap Vodka Taste Ten Times Better

Last week I was swiping through TikTok when there were far better things I should’ve been doing with my day. Suddenly I came across a video which explained how one could make really shitty vodka taste marginally less shitty with nothing more than a water filter. “No way” was my first reaction. Surely any impurities would’ve already been filtered out through the process of producing alcohol for general consumption? Well, according to some people, this can make it taste as good as Grey Goose. GREY GOOSE.

Regardless, as an avid drinker, this was rather exciting. I’m not really a vodka person but, if true, this could make for a revolutionary experience for theboys™ pres across the land. Think of a world where you’d NOT have to pour even stronger liquids into the concoction to prevent you from throwing up! So, rather than do what most people would do (which is Google it or go to the comments section), I headed straight for the nearest Tesco branch to test this out.