Apple Wants To Sell Champagne

Apple’s viewpoint about its products is based on Andy Warhol’s philosophy about Coca-Cola. Confused? Don’t be, this viewpoint is quite simple! As per Andy Warhol’s philosophy, there’s a tradition in America which depicts that the richest and the poorest can consume the same product. He explained his theory using Coca-Cola as example.  People watch TV and see the president and other famous celebrities drinking Coca-Cola, and they also drink it as the price remains the same for everyone and the taste is also the same.

Thus, Apple’s products such as iPhones and iPads was the Coca-Cola of the technological world. This is merely because they have a simple offer; the best tablet or mobile phone it can produce, alongside being price-conscious. Despite Apple producing iPhone plus, the market demand for these phones are still high, thus showing that people are willing to pay higher prices for the best mobile phones.

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Apple has now stated that the company is tired of selling the same products that is Coca-Cola and wants to produce Champagne. This is indeed a metaphor, why? Well, as you know Apple is always aiming higher with a new gadget coming in every year. Faster, better and thinner. And now the forever expanding market wants to retain its image of luxurious goods for people who can afford the product.

The production of Apple devices also caused an economic disadvantage in the company, despite this apple aimed higher at maintaining its prices and making sure it’s products were top notch. Even though Apple is bored of the Coca Cola business, it wants to start something that will give a near-infinite increase so it can continue ranking 1st place in the best global brands.

Apple believed that their market segmentation is only based on gadgets now, but they want to aim higher and their new market could be: wearables. They have already produced the Apple Watch which was of two types and two different prices: aluminium watch and the gold watch. They have as well released a ceramic Apple watch which costed only around $1,200. Richer people were willing to personalise their own watches against a higher budget. Seeing this aspect of buyers, Apple is aiming at producing new models of iPhones which will be iPhone Pro for those who can bid higher prices.

In this way, everyone will still be able to afford Apple devices, however the richer will have an expensive choice while the less rich will have an affordable choice.