Appreciate every drop with this boxed wine that compacts

The Aube bag-in-the-box’s accordion-style wine package lets you squeeze out every last drop without having to cut open the box itself.

The designers claim that the additional benefits are that the packaging stands out on retail shelves, while squeezing the box as it empties gives some idea about how much wine is left. On top of that they argue that the shrinking size makes it more efficient for recycling.

In general, consumers are increasingly aware of the bag-in-box advantages, namely long shelf life, convenience, and environmental-friendliness. For the bottler it is important that the bag-in-box is perfectly suitable for aseptic, hot, and clean filling technologies.

Wine continues to be the largest market for bag-in-box, but there is growing demand for bag-in-box in the fruit juice sector, mineral water, olive and other edible oils, besides the significant increase in demand from dairy manufacturers supplying the food service industry.