Are Alternatives to Cigarettes Safe Enough?

Certain things in life cannot be changed. Sunrises in the east only. One can see stars only in the night. In the same manner, smoking cigarettes is injurious to health. Once someone starts smoking cigarettes, they can see as to how addictive it can get. This is why alternatives to cigarettes were found out. But one needs to know if the alternatives to cigarettes are safe enough or not. 


The E-cigarettes are the battery-operated devices in which liquid is heated to provide vapor. The process of inhaling the vapor that comes from the liquid is known as vaping. The liquid nicotine is used in some of the e-cigarettes that are equally dangerous as the tobacco filled cigarettes. The amount of formaldehyde in the e-cigarettes are the same as in normal cigarettes. Nowadays, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes are doing rounds in the market. However, it is said that there are a lot of chemicals in the e-cigarettes. smokingthings  provides users with a lot of options to choose from for e-cigarettes.


The number of cancer-causing agents like cadmium and ammonia is found in large quantities in the cigar. The amount of nicotine in cigarettes is about 8.4 milligrams. The cigar contains about 50 times the amount of nicotine present in the other cigarettes. In no way, the cigar contains less harmful substances when compared to traditional cigarettes. It is said that when a person smokes 5 cigars in a day, it has the same kind of harmful effect as smoking 20 packets of cigarettes in a day. So, one can say that cigar is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. 


The sisha is smoked using a hookah. The hookah is nothing but a glass device in which tobacco infused with fruit flavors is inhaled and one gets high by the smoke that emanates after passing through the water in the chamber. It is said that a person smokes more amount of harmful substances than cigarette as a lot of smokes passes into the lungs in one sitting. 


The rollies are the new trend in the market. Nicotine is rolled into the kind of rolls in which natural ingredients are placed. These are found to cause cancer in regions like mouth, food pipe, and other places in the neck. These can never be considered a safe bet for cigarettes. 

From the above-mentioned details, one can see that the alternatives to e-cigarettes as well doesn’t prove to be less harmful. The alternatives prove to be more harmful than cigarettes in itself. The mental urge to smoke is what makes a chain smoker. Some of the best ways to quit smoking is being surrounded by loved ones. Lean on to the person who can make you feel better. Clean your entire living space. If you wish to quit smoking for your entire life, then you need to remove even the smallest traces of smoke that can emanate out of the room. One needs to learn to quit alcohol as it acts as a trigger factor to indulge in smoking. One can also engage themselves in other activities to keep their mind deviated.